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As a worldwide leader in the magnetic industry, Quadrant has been providing exclusive magnetic products and services since its inception in 1992. 

Our portfolio of products, services and technologies solve customer challenges in magnetic applications. From design, R&D, prototype validation to mass production, Quadrant offers one-stop solutions for magnetic-based applications which includes a wide range of magnetic materials, components, functional modules and magnetization test systems.

Quadrant’s initiative is to develop collaborative partnerships with our customers by providing exceptional products and services.
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Quadrant was founded in 1992 in Sunnyvale, CA as a technical and engineering resource in the magnetics industry with growing capabilities in light manufacturing and assembly.
Quadrant opened a manufacturing hub in Hangzhou, China focusing on magnetic technology, module design and mass production.
Foresee Group, an integrated organization focused on the development and production of magnetic materials in Hangzhou, China, becomes a contract manufacturer for Quadrant.
Quadrant acquired an online magnetics company in Pelham, Alabama to provide engineering & design assistance, and onsite inventory for immediate customer need.
Quadrant established its global headquarters in San Diego, CA.
In 2021, Quadrant transitioned into a 10,000 square feet facility located at 5186 Carroll Canyon Rd., San Diego, CA.
Quadrant established motor manufacturing lines in Huizhou, China specializing in advanced vibration motors and smart devices.

In July 2018, Lab Magnetics was established under Quadrant as an R&D center in Silicon Valley, with advanced testing and manufacturing capabilities.

Our R&D center expanded into a 33,000 square feet world-class innovation hub in 2021.
Quadrant built its engineering, design, and sales partner in Melbourne, Australia for assemblies and systems across a wide variety of magnetic applications.
Quadrant GMBH was founded in Hanau, Germany as a magnetic engineering, design and sales center.

Quadrant Japan was established in Osaka, Japan as the engineering, design and sales division for the Asia-Pacific region.

In the same year, Quadrant built a production facility in Bac Giang Province, Vietnam for magnetic assemblies and modules production.
More updates to come.

Quadrant is made up of an international team of professionals who are committed to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the magnetic material industry. Our leadership focuses on building a successful, inclusive and innovative environment where we continuously drive operational excellence and quality through providing cutting-edge solutions and maintaining solid partnerships with our global clients. Our customers, partners and employees are always first. Together, we push our technology, products and services into new heights.

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Environmental, Social, and Governance

Quadrant is committed to pursuing our Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) vision. We design and produce products in a way that protects the environment and community that we live in.

We believe it is our responsibility to provide solutions that positively impact the world and to ensure that our operations are sustainable. Our people, planet, and principles guide our framework and responsibility for sustainable operations allowing us to accomplish our business priorities.

Innovation and Excellence
Enabling employees to use and develop knowledge, excellence, experience and creativity to the fullest possible extent.
Growth and Development
Growth and Development
Encouragement, motivation and support across Quadrant.
Inclusiveness and Diversity
Ensuring an inclusive and diverse workplace for all.