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Our magnetic solutions focus on enhancing product design, performance optimization and consumer experiences. Quadrant offers diverse full-service solutions from concept to mass production. Our innovative capabilities give customer near-endless options from idea to successful launch.
Product Design
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Design & Engineering
Quadrant develops and integrates magnetic functionality into our customers' products. This is made possible through our extensive experience and advanced equipment which provides complete engineering support throughout the process of magnet product design, modeling, prototyping and optimization.
Design, R&D
Design and R&D
Material, Assembly & Process
Magnetics & Injection
Design of Engineering
EDM / CNC / Assemble
Precision Manufacturing

Quadrant fosters a culture where our brightest minds collaborate to further innovation throughout our manufacturing processes. We offer tailored manufacturing and product development services to meet our customized customers' needs. To meet these needs, we are equipped with a variety of machining capabilities and quick-turn tooling and fixture iteration, such as custom assembly lines and manufacturing execution systems (MES). 

Precision Magnetic Manufacturing
Global Magnetic Manufacturing
Global Manufacturing2
Precision Manufacturing
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Automation Technology

Automation provides operational stability and statistical process control. Automation technology can be found throughout our processes, including assembling, magnetizing, testing and packaging. Process automation allows us to produce greater volumes of end products with more efficiency and quality. Schedules for delivery are also refined with higher accuracy rates. Any process deviation trends are used to quickly realign production with statistical control limits. With experiences in integrating lean manufacturing, we are proud of our automation capabilities in both design and implementation.

Magnetizing Systems

Proper magnetization is required in order to realize the full potential of magnetic products. Quadrant designs and manufactures both discrete and integrate magnetizing systems with up-to-date technologies.

Quadrant supplies various types of magnetizing machines, magnetizing coils and water chillers to satisfy customer requirement.
Conventional Magnetizing System
We have complete magnetizing systems that are integrated with automated feeding, magnetizing, and packing processes.
Automated Magnetizing System
The magnetic printer provides magnetic patterns for special functionalities such as magnetic alignment, multi-position springs and latch features. Quadrant’s printing techniques enable polarity editing of defined magnets.
Programmable Mag-Printer
With a 20+ year foundation in magnetic solutions, Quadrant is a vital force in applied industrial technology. We are deeply rooted in the development of magnetic materials, and have also taken the initiative to elevate our technological level by absorbing innovative challenges, advanced manufacturing, and capabilities for magnetizing, testing, and assembling. 

We are continuously developing enhanced comprehensive magnetic technologies.

Your Pipeline to Innovative Products and Services
Through technology transfer, we have partnered with customers to cut time and allocate resources in the R&D process, bringing new products and services to market with speed and efficiency.
Products & Solutions

Quadrant is committed to integrating and expanding manufacturing capabilities in all aspects to meet the diverse application needs of our customers. Our company has significant advantages in the field of materials science, focusing on providing high-quality material technology, magnetic components, haptic modules, and advanced motors. Additionally, we are proficient in manufacturing various alloy parts, whether through Metal Injection Molding (MIM), CNC machining, or stamping, ensuring that every part meets the highest quality standards. Quadrant continuously invests resources to enhance manufacturing processes and technologies to ensure that we can provide the most innovative and reliable solutions for our customers.